DiSC Personality Testing – Knowing Yourself and Others

DiSCprofilecanadaThere are some who find it easy socializing and working with others while some find it to be quite difficult.  Basically, this is not a matter of skill, talent, or behavior, but more like personality.  If you are an employer, it would be great if you can identify the personalities of those under you.  Getting to know what they like, their dislikes, as well as what makes them work better will surely make it much easier for you managing and communicating with them so that they are more effective when it comes to work.

When you are working with people, whether you are the boss or just an employee, your personality type will most usually either work and interact better with others, or clash against them.  The truth is, we are all proud of our personalities as these are what usually make us unique.  However, under the DiSC Profile Test personalities are categorized under only five behaviors and it is your involvement with any or any of the five behaviors that makes you work better with people or clash against them due to their personalities as well.

These days, when companies attempt to hire individuals, they make them take the DiSC Test to know the type of personality that individual has as characterized by the DiSC Profile.  Certain assessments from the program will be made with the personalities of every member within a team to see whether they work better together with the team to create harmonious and effective team players, or if their personalities will clash making the team work more ineffectively.

The DiSC Personality Test does not have any right or wrong answer.  Basically, how you answer the questions places your personality on a behavior as categorized by the program.  It is essentially a measure of a person’s behavior and personality.  The program has undergone extensive research and it is a better tool to be utilized to make a company more effective rather than mixing and matching individuals to get that hit or miss effect.

If you are still not convinced about the DiSC Personality Test, consider these traits: Do you prefer to lead or follow?  Do you work better alone or in a team?  Do you want to have your own pace in work or can you work effectively with strict deadlines?  Are you the fight or flight type?  All these are simple questions but they make it effective in identifying your individual personal traits.

The Accounting Process – What You Need To Know

accounting_low4Accounting has a lot of complexities which is why it is a job that is best left to the professionals rather than delving into it and just brewing up a headache.  If you own a business, knowing the process of accounting may be beneficial because you basically know what is going on.  While you may not exactly put your time into it, knowing some of the steps involved can give you enlightenment in what seems like a very perplexing form of mathematics.

The very first process involved in accounting is the documenting and recording of entries whenever there is a transaction involved.  Whether this is cash, debit, or credit type of transaction, it needs to be recorded.  All the inflow and outflow or money must be taken note of so as to keep track of all the money involved in the business.  Failure to keep note of a single entry means missing money in the monthly audit.

Financial statements are tallied each month, every quarter, and at the end of the year.  This tallying of financial statements is basically the auditing part of the business.  The journal will involve a long line of entries and all of these entries have to coincide with the final amount and there should be no missing part, not even a single dollar.

The accounting will be further simplified inside a ledger and spreadsheet software like Excel.  There will be a computation of everything and that there will be trial balance that will be made over the different accounts.  The trial balance will include assets, equities, and liabilities.  Trial balance is not a fixed amount but more like a rough accounting of the overall revenue of the business within a particular financial period.  Once a particular financial period has been completed, a new accounting cycle will be opened.

Accounting can be very tricky.  Unless you are an accountant yourself, this type of job should be given to those who specialize in it.  Hiring the services of accountants from the many accounting companies Calgary has is recommended.  Accounting companies can provide personal accountant Calgary or corporate accountant Calgary services.  Hiring an accountant will be in your best interest as not only do they provide numerous services that your business will find very useful, but they can also provide consultations and invaluable advices that can help make your business venture more successful.

Why Hire An Accounting Firm

accountIf you own a business, having an accountant that does the different accounting tasks and details for you is very important.  Instead of having to do this yourself, unless you are an accountant, you should just leave this job to the experts instead of having to waste your time doing this.  They not only will do a much better job than you, but you also help prevent any errors in doing so.  After all, this is their profession and expertise.

These days, unless you are a really big company or corporation, having an in-house accountant is no longer advisable.  If you need an accountant, it would be best to hire an accounting firm to do all the accounting works for you.  An accounting firm also provides bookkeeping services as well as tax services so you do not have to worry about all the details involved in the accounting and taxation of your business.  Your accounting firm will shoulder all this work, but of course, for a certain charge.  Then again, it is actually more economical to do this rather than employ an in-house accountant for your business.

Accounting firms provide not just the services mentioned, but they also provide consultancy – something that can be invaluable to your business.  Accounting firms are updated with all the tax and accounting updates so they can provide you with the best services possible.  If the accounting firm has been running for years, it means they have all the necessary experience to accommodate any accounting-related stuff you have for them.  They may even have clients and associates that are in need of the services or goods you offer or vice versa.  This is why getting your accounting from an accounting firm is always a win-win situation for you.

The truth is that accounting has a lot of complications.  Fortunately, the accounting companies Calgary has are all well-versed in the processes of accounting.  They have the education, experience, tools, and invaluable updates that are necessary for them to accomplish their task much better.  The different accountants Calgary you will find are all highly-suited for this job and you can rest assured that they know how to do their job properly.  The in-depth knowledge of accounting of all those at kdprofessional.ca is your assurance that you get the best possible tax advantage as their understanding of accounting is unrivaled.